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Hennessy Very Special in motion by Les Twins spatks a vibrant new movement ..

For the Hennessy Very Special 2021 Limited Edition, The French urban movement creators Laurent and Larry Bourgeois express the pulse of street culture in a dual design incorporating freestyle dance, original music and the maison's first ever fashion capsule collection.

It is with great excitement that Maison Hennessy unveils the Very Special 2021 dual limited edition in collaboration with Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, the urban movement creators known as “Les Twins.” Far more than a classic collaboration, this Hennessy Very Special partnership marks a brand-new horizon and a groundbreaking meeting of minds. Cultural icons in their own right, Hennessy Very Special and Les Twins created a multi-media collaboration around the tagline “Move Out Loud” to celebrate French heritage and the pioneering spirit. This movement creates an exceptional, inclusive platform for artistic expression through live dance and video, music and fashion.

Visiting the Château de Bagnolet was like walking into a chapter of French history. We knew we wanted to create something completely new because the Maison has such an incredible story, with so much passion behind it. Believe it or not, their saga resonates with the story of Les Twins, 250 years later.” Laurent and Larry Bourgeois


The unprecedented scope of this collaboration first took root in Cognac, home to the Maison’s historic seat. “Working with Hennessy is like going onstage with new energy. Hennessy’s not afraid to mix things up. We’re expressing that knowledge through movement – and our experience with Hennessy Very Special has changed how we dance,” the performers note.

In the vineyards, distilleries, and Founder’s Cellar in Cognac, Les Twins found inspiration in not just one aspect but the entire art of making Hennessy Very Special, from earth and vine to barrel and glass. The initiation to a craft spanning centuries served as a creative trigger for a freestyle dance interpretation of the six principal stages of cognac-making and the wonder Les Twins experienced at Hennessy.

The art of making Hennessy Very Special reveals many unexpected parallels with the world of dance. Just as an exceptional cognac comes from blending many unique eaux-de-vie, so freestyle performing requires the harmonious orchestration of singular movements, a unique assemblage based on skill and instinct.

Both arts demand patience, precise gestures, perfect timing, boundless energy — and a spark of genius. In the same spirit, cognac-making and freestyle dance both far surpass their original discipline, letting French creativity resonate with global street culture. Above all, the resulting creations stir emotion and convey Les Twins’ impressions of the deep-rooted, multi-faceted world of Hennessy Very Special.

THE HENNESSY VERY SPECIAL IN MOTION BY LES TWINS : A HISTORY-MAKING DUAL LIMITED-EDITION The collaboration between Hennessy Very Special and Les Twins is a story of many firsts. As an artistic interpretation, it stands as the most expansive to date, touching on all the key steps of cognac-making through multiple mediums. Using motion capture technology, Maison Hennessy preserved the exhilarating energy of Les Twins’ live performance and transposed those digital images into an original limited edition concept.

For the first time ever, a single limited edition of Hennessy Very Special is represented by two complementary graphic designs: each bottle features a likeness of either Laurent or Larry, rendered as captured digitally, with all their signature energy and a QR code that opens up the many facets of this movement experience to all.

In the same vein, Hennessy Very Special by Les Twins also features noteworthy reinterpretations of the cognac’s visual identity and codes. Foremost among these is the iconic b

ras armé which, for the first time since Hennessy’s founding in 1765, now appears in double. Likewise, this limited edition of Hennessy Very Special restyles its typography after that of Les Twins, a striking bridge between time-honored tradition and contemporary culture.

And while the digital experience is a key ingredient in the concept for the Hennessy Very Special in Motion by Les Twins limited edition bottle and packaging, capturing the dancers’ movements was just the beginning. HENNESSY VERY SPECIAL IN MOTION BY LES TWINS: THE FASHION CAPSULE Given Les Twins’ long-running experience as models, muses and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, this boundary-breaking collaboration naturally opened the door to a brand new territory for Hennessy.

We like discretion, and we also like being seen within that discretion,” comments Laurent Bourgeois. “We wear pieces that stand out, that not everyone else is wearing. That was our baseline for these designs: we wanted to express our own aesthetic, in a subtle, coherent and very limited edition that insiders will recognize.” Acting as creative directors, Les Twins worked hand-in-hand with the Paris-based fashion designer Stéphane Ashpool to create an inclusive, stand-alone capsule collection. Packed with energy, flair, and color, elevated unisex streetwear styles span t-shirts, hoodies, asymmetrical shirts, bombers, pants and accessories. Reflecting Les Twins’ taste for sartorial discretion, the line gives pride of place to noble materials subtly denoted by the double bras armé logo designed by Hennessy especially for this collaboration. The Hennessy Very Special in Motion by Les Twins collaboration will be unveiled in September 2021

Images provided courtesy of Hennessy


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