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To celebrate the first anniversary of Bugatti's world speed record, Champagne Carbon have released a new limited edition champagne ...

One year ago, the bugatti chiron super sport 300+* was the first series production car to break the magical 300-mile barrier, reaching a top speed of 304.773 miles per hour (490.484 km/h). a world record and unbeaten up to the present day. As Bugatti official Champagne, CARBON is celebrating this impressive world record with a new cuvée as the latest addition to its distinguished range: EB.02. This is again a limited edition from CARBON vinotheque, this time comprising an excellent 2006 vintage blanc de blancs Grand Cru.

Before discovering some acacia, grilled bread, almonds and hazelnuts aromas on the nose, one may enjoy a deep gold colour and millions of fine bubbles appearing in the glass. As an aperitif to accompany caviar or some of the finest Pata Negra ham, also as a companion to a main course with pan-fried duck foie gras with roasted chips or during a celebration of the ultimate moment of life, one may enjoy this cuvée 2006 vintage blanc de blancs Grand Cru.

With the new EB.02, CARBON is offering wine enthusiasts an amazing opportunity to extend their wine cellar collection. CARBON EB.02 represents a special lifestyle and offers the opportunity to taste the pinnacle of champagne hand-crafted bottle.

Chiron Super Sport 300+ as the perfect match and optical reference The new champagne is a perfect match for the exceptional vehicle. The bottle packaging of the EB.02 is therefore the ultimate reference to its special design and colour features. The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is technically and visually clearly differentiated from the Chiron1 and is therefore a very extravagant hyper sports car. With a power output of 1,600 PS, the new variant delivers 100 PS more than the Chiron, making it the most powerful Bugatti ever built. Furthermore, Bugatti limits the top speed electronically only at 440 km/h.

The Chiron Super Sport 300+ can be visually recognized by its aerodynamically optimized body, the “long tail“ as it is known, among other features. The lengthened rear end ensures longer contact of the laminar flow with the car, creating a significantly smaller stall region. In addition, air curtains at the sides next to the air intakes ensure that the air follows the side contours of the car on its path from the front to the rear. Nine exhaust air holes on each front wing prevent air pressure from building up in the wheel arches.

The body is made of exposed, black carbon fibre set through in the centre with racing stripes in Orange. Also made of carbon: the black engine cover and the windscreen wiper. Bugatti has painted the magnesium wheels in “Nocturne”, which is also used to finish all trim parts. The interior is dominated by black carbon, leather and Alcantara in Beluga Black, contrasted by colour accents in Orange.

The two luxury brands Bugatti and Champagne CARBON concluded their cooperation agreement one year ago. The new champagne is the latest result of this. The EB.02 is the second champagne from the house for the French luxury automotive manufacturer. Last year, the EB.01 was presented to kick off the exclusive partnership.

The Champagne CARBON EB.02 Chiron 300+ can now exclusively be ordered at:

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