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Crown Royal release limited edition XR edition ...

Crown Royal have released their second addition to the Crown Royal Extra Rare Whisky Series, the "Crown Royal XR," a limited-edition whisky crafted from one of the final batches of whiskies produced at founder Samuel Bronfman’s original LaSalle Distillery.

Steeped in history the distillery was the first distillery opened by the Bronfman family who created the original Crown Royal in 1939 to commemorate king George VI and Queen Elizabeth visit to Canada. LaSalle sadly ceased production in 1996, but is still used today as a warehouse for Crown whiskies.

The Crown Royal Extra Rare Canadian Whisky is another creation by Crown Royal's Master Blender Andrew McKay. And though it is indeed the most expensive one in the Crown Royal product line, everyone who gets a taste of this high-end Canadian whiskey will surely say that it's well worth every penny.

The aroma is heavy on the spice, both from the whisky and the barrel along with sweet notes of vanilla and candied apple caramel coating. The mid-palate is a bit aggressive and raw and is mixed with a young corn profile and dried fruit resulting in the signature rich, smooth, award-winning flavour of Crown Royal.

For connoisseur's pair with a Cuban Partagás Corona Senior. A cigar that comes off very fresh, becomes more savoury and leathery with the whisky. The XR’s spicy qualities of spice are downplayed by the partnership, while its fruits become more prominent.


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