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Easter is nearly upon us and for the big kids in us it means just one thing... Easter Eggs and better still Extravagant Easter Eggs... Here we take at look at some of this years most sophisticated creations..

London's Claridge's Hotel Easter Egg

London Hotel Claridge's has unveiled a limited-edition easter egg, and it's just as sophisticated as one might expect. Inspired by its iconic black and white lobby of the five-star hotel, the hand-made elegant egg uses Valrhona chocolate and has a salted caramel gull’s eggs hidden inside. Available in milk, white and dark versions.

As a finishing touch, the egg is tied with a black satin bow and enclosed in a Claridge’s jade gift box.

Priced from £55.00

For more information visit: Claridges

Van Gogh Blossom Vegan Easter Egg

Van Gogh lived in and loved London and became inspired by London's parks and there the amazing spring blossoms. To celebrate Van Gogh and his blossom paintings Melt London have created an exclusive Van Gogh Easter Egg. The pastel white and pink colours of the cherry and magnolia trees set against the iconic backdrop of the pastel coloured houses of Notting Hill is a sublime sight.

Priced from £89.00

For more information visit: Melt London

Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate Imperial Egg

For Bettys centenary they’ve gone the extra mile, creating an egg within an egg to do our founder Frederick Belmont proud.

Inspired by the colours and elegance of Frederick’s first Bettys, the shimmering egg is hand-moulded from pink coloured white chocolate and decorated with traditional handmade sugar wild roses, golden leaves and delicate piped chocolate and royal icing designs. Nestled inside is a golden milk chocolate egg, also decorated with handmade roses.

Containing over five kilos of Grand Cru Swiss chocolate, the Centenary Imperial Egg is a true work of art, celebrating the creativity and craft that makes Bettys unique.

Priced from £495.00

For more information visit Betty's

Pierre Herme- Oeuf Infiniment Grand Easter Egg

This year, Pierre Hermé has chosen to rethink the traditional chocolate egg by imagining a gourmet rendering of the MOOD, designed by the renowned French silversmith Christofle.

The Oeuf MOOD Chocolat Christofle x Pierre Hermé is a flat-bottomed egg randomly covered with silver leaves.

The limited-edition deluxe version comes with a gold egg hidden inside

Priced from €240.00

For more information visit Pierre Herme

Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Easter Egg

This egg is enormous, this year Hotel Chocolat's Ostrich Easter egg is one for sharing (or not!). The giant Easter egg comes in two flavours - dark and original - Served with a tray of 27 chocolates – pralines, truffles, caramels, patisserie and more – plus six golden eggs hidden inside the box for you to hunt, all in all this comes to more than a kilo of chocolate!

Priced from £80.00

For more information visit Hotel du Chocolat


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