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Four Seasons Resort Nevis has unveiled a bespoke signature rum at crowned monkey RUM BAR, fittingly called Crowned Monkey Rum...

A project that has been years in the making is finally launching in conjunction with the Resort’s 29th Anniversary, and to mark the momentous occasion, the first bottle will be sold for USD 29,000 to represent the 29 years since the property opened. Exclusive to crowned monkey RUM BAR, only one barrel of Crowned Monkey Rum was produced, yielding a total of 345 private label bottles. “Bottle 001,” which comes adorned with the original cask seal, is sure to become an instant collector’s item, giving the opportunity for rum lovers and long-time fans of Four Seasons Resort Nevis to purchase a piece of history.

“We wanted to create something special that spoke to the history of the property and its significance here in Nevis,” says Pasquo King, Director of Food and Beverage. “From its rich, caramel colour and light vanilla notes to the hints of aromatic floral scents that waft over the senses as it is poured into the glass, this is a rum that represents the legacy of the Resort while showcasing the history of the destination.”

Crowned Monkey Rum was produced by Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados and aged for 14 years in a single Jim Beam bourbon barrel. The rum spent its first eight years in the tropics before being transferred for five years to age in more temperate climates and finally returning to the region for its final year before its local hand filling, labelling and bottling in Nevis.As an unfiltered rum, all of the wonderful oils developed over the years allow Crowned Monkey Rum to have a smooth and creamy mouth feel with notes of burnt caramel, hints of vanilla and light golden raisins, which gives it a delicate balance throughout with a sweet aftertaste on the finish of light toffee and even lighter honey and floral notes. The rum enjoys a wonderful prolonged finish that belies its 46% ABV, which also serves to elevate the balance between more flavour at more strength.

To symbolise Nevis, the Crowned Monkey Rum label was specifically designed to pay homage to the lush beauty of the Resort's island home, as well as highlight the green vervet monkeys that are the unofficial ambassadors of the island and the namesake of the rum bar at Four Seasons. Aside from Bottle 001, guests can also purchase a bottle number that is significant to them for USD 288 or by the shot (45ml) for USD 22. The rum will also be available in the bar’s new signature cocktail, called The Peak. The drink stirs in vanilla sugar and cherry bitters to complement the rum before being smoked with cherry wood to enhance the flavour profiles.


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