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Our lifestyles will forever be changed following the Coronavirus Pandemic and while we starts to relax the rules and start the process of easing out of lockdown the way we socialize and more importantly dine out will need to be evaluated not just now but for the future and this forward thinking restaurant in Amsterdam has come up with a unique and rather elegant idea….

Mediamatic ETEN, a vegan restaurant located on the Dijksgracht in the Oosterdok neighborhood of Amsterdam is now inviting guests to dine in their own quarantine and personal greenhouses.

The enclosed glass structures are equipped with a table for two or three diners and will ensure that diners are 1.5-meter apart.

The restaurant calls the structures 'serres séparées' or separated greenhouses after “chambres séparées,” the French name for a separate room in a restaurant or bar to suggest a sexy kind of intimacy.

Mediamatic Eten is part of a larger arts and entrepreneurship centre, Mediamatic Biotoop, which focuses on sustainability. Where possible, it offers locally-sourced food and creates dishes based on the availability of seasonal ingredients from selected producers. It picks herbs from its aquaponics garden and ferments products in the Mediamatic Clean Lab. Its dishes are normally meant for sharing as it encourages guests to experience them with their hands rather than using cutlery.

While the concept is currently only on trial for family and friends of staff from the ETEN restaurant, this idea certainly looks glamorous, as diners can enjoy candle-lit meals with a waterside view and alfresco dining even in the rain..


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