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Is this the death of the whisky tumbler?

The Glenlivet, the original Speyside single malt Scotch, has unveiled a ‘Capsule Collection’ of glassless cocktails that redefine the way whisky is traditionally enjoyed.

Launched during London Cocktail Week in partnership with cocktail legend Alex Kratena, the limited-edition The Glenlivet ‘Capsule Collection’ is a range of delicious whisky cocktails served in a seaweed-extract casing, one of nature’s most renewable resources.

A first of its kind for a spirit brand, the edible capsules are 23ml in size, fully biodegradable and provide the perfect flavour-explosion experience. Enjoying them is simple, the capsules are popped in the mouth for an instant burst of flavour, and the capsule is simply swallowed. There is no need for a glass, ice or cocktail stirrer.

To launch the ‘Capsule Collection’ The Glenlivet has partnered with Tayēr + Elementary, one of the world’s leading bars. Award-winning bartender and co-owners of Tayēr + Elementary, Alex Kratena and Monica Berg, created three original cocktails for the capsules, which are inspired by the elements and flavours of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve: Citrus, Wood and Spice.

“When we saw The Glenlivet Capsule Collection for the first time we knew we wanted to be involved with the launch - the cocktail capsules are unique and push the boundaries of how drinks can be served. This is something we always look to do at tayēr and so it felt like a natural fit.” said Alex Kratena.

The Glenlivet is the first spirits brand in the world to team up with capsule designers Notpla, a sustainable packaging start-up, to create an original consumption experience. The seaweed used grows at a speed of around 1m per day and actively contributes to de-acidifying our oceans. If discarded, the capsules biodegrade in 4-6 weeks, faster than fruit peel, meaning no waste at all.

“When The Glenlivet approached us to create single malt whisky cocktails we knew it was going to be an exciting partnership. At Notpla we want to create original solutions for how to serve and consume drinks, and The Glenlivet is a brand that is looking to do just the same” added Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Notpla.

The ‘Capsule Collection’ embodies The Glenlivet’s new global campaign – Original By Tradition. Miriam Eceolaza, Director of The Glenlivet, explained:

The Glenlivet Capsule Collection will be available at Tayēr (Tayēr + Elementary, Old Street, London) and served as an amuse-bouche on arrival throughout this year’s London Cocktail Week (4th – 13th October), the city’s celebration of perfectly mixed cocktail innovations. Head down to Tayēr for this tradition-breaking experience and enjoy the future of whisky drinking.


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