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Haig Club has unveiled a new limited-edition bottle, David Beckham’s Scotch whisky brand has partnered with London based contemporary artist Remi Rough to add a splash of colour to 2021...

Known for his use of bold colours and geometric shapes in his novel take on graffiti, Remi’s work is instantly recognisable and can be found across the streets of London and far beyond to Paris and New York.

Paying homage to his London roots, Remi adds a vibrant splash of his signature pink shade to Haig Club’s iconic blue bottle.

Remi Rough, Global Artist said: “I love surprising people with intense colour and this design for the Haig Club bottle is no exception. Art is for everyone and people need colour in their lives more than ever right now. I hope the collaboration continues to show how art can be enjoyed no matter the size or type of canvas.”

Ciara Keenan, Global Head of Haig Club said: “We’re delighted to begin a new year of collaborations with the immensely talented global artist Remi Rough. His dedication to making the art world feel more accessible aligns perfectly with our ethos that whisky can be enjoyed by everyone. Remi’s original bottle follows a string of artist collabs with D*Face and Bradley Theodore and it’s not set to end there with Haig Club.”

David Beckham, Haig Club Brand Partner said: “It’s great to see another artist showcase their style and creativity on our Haig Club bottles. Remi Rough embodies everything we believe in at Haig Club by making his own rules and leaning into the unexpected. The sharp lines and the colour pallet are beautiful and I’m enjoying seeing our art collection bottles come to life.

The new limited edition is available exclusively on however sadly it has already sold out!


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