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This Valentines Day surprise the one you love with some Heinz flavoured truffles!

In 1886 a young entrepreneur called Henry Heinz came over the pond with five cases of his newly patented tinned products to present to the finest London stores. His first stop was of course Fortnum’s – and after tasting the samples, the grocery buyer pronounced, “I think, Mr Heinz, we’ll take the lot!”, giving the country its first ever taste of baked beans. Last year this continued collaboration celebrated 150 years of working together with a series of very special celebrations and a collection of limited edition products, and this ‘ValenHeinz’ Day, the love affair continues.

Balancing the un-mistakeable flavour of Heinz with a creamy, rich ganache, the Fortnum and Masons chocolatiers have developed something truly special.

Delve into this wondrous selection box of milk, dark and white shelled truffles and enjoy the unmistakable flavour of Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Celebrating Fortnum’s ability to create new and exciting pairings, these delicious, limited edition truffles are a true innovation with only 1000 of the heart shaped boxes created which you can pick up for £19.95 ($26) now.

We think the jury is still out on this concoction!

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