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A Numbered, Limited Edition Sculpture Propels the 2019 Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition Collaboration with Pantone into the Realm of Configurable Art ...

Hennessy, the world's best-selling Cognac, is proud to unveil a Collector's Edition to complement the 2019 Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone. Available only in an extremely limited series, this unique customizable sculpture and companion carafe will be available starting in November.

In its minimalistic, pure design, the Collector's Edition by Felipe Pantone pays homage to the late artist Jesús Rafael Soto, a kindred spirit in terms of his South American origins and aesthetic.

Drawing on contemporary artist Felipe Pantone's earlier works of configurable art and the dynamism of his street art, the Hennessy Very Special Collector's Edition lends itself to multiple optics, inviting the collector to modify its graphics at leisure to give the sculpture his or her own personal touch. Standing upright in its base, each colorful, moiré-finish rod represents an independent element in a constantly changing whole: dynamic evolution offers up seemingly infinite variations, in keeping with Felipe Pantone's ongoing participatory art project Configurable Art.

The 2019 Collector's Edition represents a first among Hennessy's artist collaborations because it offers a unique opportunity to enhance the Hennessy Very Special experience. As a piece of configurable art, it reflects the continuous movement of the world around us, inviting people to participate in shaping its form. Like street art and graffiti, it expresses a sense of freedom, embracing the artist's sensibility while allowing art lovers to be a part of the process. 

The Hennessy Very Special Collector's Edition by Felipe Pantone features a carafe placed at the center of the artwork, with an overlay of the abstract patterns found on the rods, like a digital millisecond caught in freeze-frame. At the center of the stand sits a Hennessy Very Special carafe dressed in white with pixelated blocks of color, surrounded by moveable rods that may be interchanged, inversed and reconfigured as the collector pleases, like a colorful, ever-changing urban skyline.

The 2019 Hennessy Very Special Collector's Edition by Felipe Pantone (SRP: $1,500) will be available for purchase via Clos19, LVMH's e-commerce site dedicated to the 'Art of Hosting.' For more information, please visit


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