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Liber Pater, one of the world’s most famous and expensive producers for boutique Bordeaux has announced that its next vintage to be released will carry a price tag of $34,000 per bottle.

Loïc Pasquet, the winemaking wizard behind Liber Pater, known for using ancient techniques such as cultivating ancient grape varietals and ditching oak barrels to age his wine in amphorae and also for being a a controversial figure within the wine industry ( in 2016 Pasquet was found guilty of defrauding the authorities of almost €600,000 in aids and grants from both the European Union and France Agrimer), has announced that this September 240 bottles of it's 2015 vintage will be released for sale.

Limited to just 550 bottles, 310 bottles are to be cellared for the future, each bottle will retail at a staggering $34,000 a bottle (€30,000/£26,200) meaning a case will cost as muh as a Lamborghini!

Whilst to some this is a staggering amount the reason behind this is that there will be no 2016 vintage (due to vine vandals) and no 2017 vintage (due to frost damage) so this release will be truly exceptional collectible for wine connoisseurs.

To secure an exclusive bottle of the 2015 2015 vintage contact Liber Pater (


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