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Moët Hennessy brands team up with Tracee Ellis Ross, Darren Criss, and Steve Aoki to launch the New Year's Eve WISH-SHOP, an online destination benefiting the restaurant industry ...

As the pandemic continues and people are encouraged to stay home this holiday season, Moët Hennessy USA's luxury wines and spirits brands and award-winning actress, producer & CEO Tracee Ellis Ross, Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki, and actorDarren Criss, together will debut The New Year's Eve WISH-SHOP, an online destination granting wishes that will make this season's at-home New Year's Eve celebrations that much brighter.

For the industry that has suffered devastating losses this year, Moet Hennessy will make a $100K donation to National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) through the Wish-Shop campaign and will also offer the WISH-SHOP visitors a chance to donate with a matching grant up to an additional $100K. The NRAEF is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to supporting the current and future workforce of the restaurant industry and it's end-of-year "Change Is On The Menu" where 100% of every dollar donated supports to empower and advance today's and tomorrow's restaurant workers. Since the onset of the pandemic, Moet Hennessy has been very active in supporting this community -- and with this program will bring its annual support to $1.3M in relief and advocacy.

The New Year’s Eve WISH-SHOP is a one-stop shop for celebrating all of the holiday moments leading into this years unprecedented New Year's Eve at-home. People will have the opportunity to brighten their celebrations with special offerings, win unforgettable celebrity artist drop-in experiences and help restaurant workers by making a donation.

At-home NYE Celebrity Artist Appearances:

Visitors to the WISH-SHOP will have the opportunity to win a ten-minute celebrity artist drop in:

  • A Memorable Cocktail Making Experience with Tracee Ellis Ross

  • A Festive Serenade with Darren Criss

  • "Remix Your 2020," a Virtual Hangout with DJ Steve Aoki

Bespoke Pairings and Gifts:

Moët Hennessy brands joined forces to create Bespoke Bottle and Cocktail Pairings to complement the many moments that make up the New Year's Eve occasion from cocktails and dinner to the countdown and New Year's Day Brunch. These can be discovered on and purchased on Reserve Bar from 11/23 through 12/31.

  • One Unique Wish: The Wish-Shop will also grant one lucky winner their unique wish in 2021. From canceled weddings, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries and beyond, consumers can submit their wish leading up to NYE, with one wish selected to be brought to life.

  • A Chance to Give Back: To help bring other's wishes come true, Wish-Shop visitors will be encouraged to donate to the NRAEF and for each donation, Moët Hennessy brands will match up to an additional $100K.


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