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To celebrate Easter The Ritz Carlton London honors the intricate work of Fabergé to create a special meal

In keeping with Fabergé’s history for surprise and ingenuity, Executive Chef, John Williams MBE has created a luxurious Fabergé dish, inspired by jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé’s iconic Mosaic Egg of 1914 and which closely mirrors the multi-coloured Fabergé Treillage egg pendant. Using the inside of an egg shell as a mould, the delicate dish is created using the very highest level of technical expertise.

The Mosaic Egg is considered by some to be one of the most technically sophisticated of all the Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs, and took more than a year to craft. It was the work of Alma Theresia Pihl (1888 – 1976), Fabergé’s first female designer and one of the best known Fabergé workmasters.. Today, the Mosaic Egg is part of the British Royal Collection. Fabergé, now under the ownership of Gemfields, a gemstone mining and marketing company, takes its inspiration for its modern-day creations from original Fabergé pieces – in particular, the famous Imperial Eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé, the most famous of the family members who owned the Russian jewelry company in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The luxurious Egg Fabergé dish mirrors the multi-colored Fabergé Treillage egg pendant (inspired by the Diamond Trellis Imperial Egg). Using an egg shell as a mould, the dish features a soft-boiled quail’s egg encased in a lobster mousseline, decorated with a circular pattern of aubergines, courgettes and heritage carrots set into rings of pasta. These vegetables represent the colors and quilting of ruby, tsavorite and fire opal gemstones that are placed into the rose gold of the Fabergé Treillage egg pendant. The egg dish is served on a bed of Ossetra caviar, and finished with a langoustine à la nage sauce.

This unique Eggs Fabergé dish will be available for guests who reserve the three-course Fabergé menu at the Michelin-starred Ritz Restaurant during Easter week. This Fabergé menu includes wine pairings expertly selected by our Head of Wine Giovanni Ferlito and a limited-edition menu card, signed by both John Williams MBE and Sarah Fabergé.

This menu will be available during lunch service from Monday 15th April – Monday 22nd April 2019, with 24 hours notice.


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