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Champagne brand Maison Ruinart’s has recently unveiled a new 100% recyclable case Aptly titled "Second Skin" ...

For nearly three centuries, Maison Ruinart has been committed to providing an authentic, essential and responsible vision of art de vivre.

This year, Ruinart breaks with the tradition of individual gift boxes, and pushes its global, environmental approach further with the second skin case. This eco-designed casing perfectly marries the emblematic silhouette of the Maison’s signature bottle with

Ruinart’s taste integrity, which is preserved until tasting.

By revolutionizing the packaging, Maison Ruinart puts its leadership role in service of sustainable development: where a big gift box made sense in the past, an entirely recyclable cloak composed of 100% natural wood fibers is a more suitable fit today. The sustainable innovation of the second skin case extolls a return to nature and to the natural: it aims to reduce waste and recycle materials without denaturing experience or taste.

The new eco-responsible packaging is the result of two years of research and design between partners James Cropper COLOURFORM, Pusterla 1880 and Maison Ruinart. Together, they focused their efforts on a material—namely cellulose fibers, or pulped paper—that solved two technological challenges. Moulded to teh shape of the Ruinart bottle, the case highlights the iconic silhouette and roundness of the Ruinart bottles plus reduces the carbon footprint by 60%, compared to the current generation of Ruinart boxes.

Compared to the existing box, the new casing is nine times lighter and reduces the carbon footprint by 60%. The mono-material design cases leverage zero plastic.

James Cropper COLOURFORM managing director Patrick Willink said: “We are incredibly proud of this disruptive piece of work. The case represents another step in Maison Ruinart’s holistic approach to development which respects the environment. It has been a long-term project."

The product is currently available from selected premium and luxury retailers across Western Europe.


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