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We all know that caviar is an expensive delicacy, but a variant created by Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell using white caviar from a rare albino sturgeon, sprinkled with 24kt gold is crowned as the world’s most expensive food.

Priced at a staggering $300,000 per kilo (that’s about $40,000 per teaspoon the price of a new Tesla 3 model)), the White Gold’ caviar called Strottarga Bianco, comes from the white roe of the extremely rare albino sturgeon which originally lives in the Caspian Sea, but it is now almost extinct in its native environment.

Harvested on the small family farm in Austria, Walter Grüll and his son confirm that the process to cultivate the roe takes up to a decade to process and once dehydrated a finely grated layer of 22-karat edible gold leaf is sprinkled on.

"The golden yellow white spreadable powder that we create can quickly be made into a paste, risotto or put on toasted bread with butter. It only needs very small quantities for the flavour to be spread to a meal," said Patrick Gruell, 25, "It is certainly not a product for everyone, but there is definitely a market for extremely exclusive products especially when they are something new."

The caviar of white albino sturgeon is one of the most expensive and exclusive foods worldwide and is available to selected customers upon request.


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