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Fine single malt whisky distillery Macallan working in collaboration with master French crystal maker, Lalique, finally completes its collection commemorating a time of glamour, style and grace in the world of travel with the release of "The Airship" ..

Drawing on the nostalgia and prestige of the golden age of travel in the 1930s, the "Golden Age of Travel series" which was launches back in 2015 celebrates the first era of international travel by road, rail, sea and air through each release highlighting a period of luxury and elegance.

Calling back to an elegant period in time where the world opened up to new adventures, this fifth and final release from the exquisite Golden Age of Travel series brings exploration of this fascinating period of history to a close.

Forty-eight individually-numbered decanters created in collaboration with French crystal makers Lalique, contain within The Macallan 1940 (35 Years Old). The liquid is beautifully showcased in a handcrafted Lalique crystal decanter, and features an illustration of one of the most innovative developments of the era in the first civil air transportation machine. This era allowed the discovery of new and exotic places made possible through luxury travel.

Available exclusively in Global Travel Retail and at The Macallan Boutiques from December 2019, the RRSP of each decanter containing The Macallan 1940 (35 years old) starts from €50,000.

This is the final release in this remarkable limited edition series

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