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Sitting five meters under the sea "Under" in Lindesnes is Europe's first and the world's largest underwater restaurant.

Built like a rock formation rising from the sea, "Under" measures 34 meters in length and is designed to blend into the marine environment over time. Its rough concrete shell will act as an artificial reef for limpets and kelp.

When you step into the restaurant, your unique undersea journey begins. Here you can descend all the way to a depth of five metres without a diving suit. Just walk down the stairs. At the mesanin there is a bar with a relax area where guest can sit before and after the meal.  Down in the restaurant, the notion of an "ocean view" takes on a whole new meaning. There, a huge glass wall gives diners you an unique insight into the bustling life in the sea outside. 

You will get to watch all sorts of fish species swim by, depending on the time of year. Normal fish species in this area is pollack and cod, colourful wrasses, urchins, crabs, lobsters in gladiator battles, spiny dogfish (i.e. mini sharks) and distinctive seaweed and kelp in the changing seasons... And you can see a live performance of the roaring, stormy sea when nature is in turmoil.

The restaurant’s concept offers a fixed tasting menu that shifts with the seasons. Diners can expect to pay $260, rising to more than $400 if wine pairings are included but be warned there is already a six months waiting list.

For more information visit the website HERE


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