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An ultra-limited edition driving glove to mark 20 years of the Continental GT has been unveiled by Bentley Motors..

To celebrate 20 years of the Continental GT, Bentley Motors has collaborated with London design studio Forestaliga to create an ultra-limited edition driving glove inspired by the craftsmanship and design of the ultimate grand touring car using its own surplus leathers.

Designed by Emmanuel Lawal, a global creative and founder of studio Forestalgia the gloves merge archival design with contemporary fashion. Lawal worked alongside the product engineering studio Areté to bring the GT’s rich history to life.

The craftsmanship on Forestalgia’s glove design mirrors the essence of the Bentley GT and features a two colour palette of Black Crystal and Racing Green, which references Bentley GT’s optional interior. Each glove features the Bentley and Forestalgia logos, double stitched reinforced protective panelling, hand rolled leather edges and varying ergonomic perforations. All materialised with an exquisite finishing, crucial to the Bentley Continental GT – just as it always has been.

The leather that encases the Bentley GT steering wheel, cannot be adequately stitched into place by machine. Bentley’s craftspeople in Crewe mark the leather with an ordinary kitchen fork before proceeding to stitch, resulting in perfectly placed markers. This technique was also adopted for each Forestalgia driving glove, which took over 4 weeks to make by hand.

The gloves will now be on display at the home of Bentley Motors and gifted as a collector's item to Bentley customers.


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