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Twin architects Marco and Gianluigi Giammetta continue to push boundarys whilst celebrating three decades of unique design ..

Giammetta Architects srl is a leading Italian architecture studio that was founded by Marco and Gianluigi Giammetta in Rome in 1993. It is also the name behind some of Italy’s most fantastic buildings – buildings that are a grand display of the studio’s innovative approach to design excellence. As Giammetta Architects srl gears up to mark its 30th anniversary, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards take a moment to celebrate this boundary-pushing architecture firm that has delivered outstanding work over the decades. Under the leadership of the Giammetta twins, Giammetta Architects srl has become a well-regarded design hub admired for its professional servicing, quality work and contemporary philosophy. High-profile individuals desiring one-of-a-kind residences have been known to call upon their services, while successful businesses of varied industries also rely on the expertise of Giammetta Architects srl to deliver on their business needs. These include, but are not limited to, Internet Museum (UK), the Amarcord Beer Factory (Italy), the Wave Hotel Miami Beach (USA), The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea (Italy) and Agnano Wellness/ Spa Park (Italy).

We’re very proud of the business that we have built, having based our efforts on providing professional experiences complemented by outstanding design quality. That has always been our focus and is what has helped us reach this point of almost 30 years of service,” says Gianluigi, co-CEO of Giammetta Architects srl.

In addition to architecture services (which includes buildings, urban design and master planning), the studio offers expertise in interior design (such as showrooms, hospitality, museums and private residences) and exhibit design (for example stands and conventions as well as expos and art exhibitions), having collaborated with leading luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Bulgari. In 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards crowned Giammetta Architects srl winners in the category Best Luxury Architect Studio in Italy. On this, Marco, who is co-CEO of the studio, commented: “We couldn’t be prouder to receive this award from Luxury Lifestyle Awards, especially as we are celebrating our 30-year anniversary.”

In 1992, the Giametta pair graduated from architecture studies from the University of Architecture “La Sapienza” in Rome, which laid the foundation for them to open their studio the following year. They both teach architecture courses at various top universities, including their alma mater, LUISS and IED Istituto Europeo di Design. In addition, they are both regularly invited to present their work at architecture conferences and have participated as guests in various television broadcasts. Their works have been published in the leading international architecture magazines and books. For more about Giammetta Architects srl, visit


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