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With COVID19 grounding flights around the world, aviation companies are having to look for alternative methods to keep their business afloat with Singapore Airlines using it's grounded fleet as pop-up restaurants....

The restaurant called A380@Changi will use two converted A380 aircrafts offering diners a choice of international and Singaporean cuisine from a kitchen led by chef Shermay Lee.

The pop-up restaurant offered for just two weekends in October sold out within half an hour of going live with four cabin classes being offered: The cheapest meals are obviously being offered in economy class with prices staring from $37 a head, while the most expensive seats in first class cost $441 each, sittings include two complimentary alcoholic drinks and a free flow of other beverages.

Diners also have the option to book a pre-meal tour that includes areas not usually available to flyers, such as the cockpit.

Customers can even enjoy what the airline calls its "book the chef" experience, in which a chef comes to your house to reheat, plate, and serve the meal. The dining ventures form part of the Discover Your Singapore Airlines program, which sells travel-inspired experiences on the island nation. These include behind-the-scenes guided tours of the airline's training facilities, access to flight simulators, grooming workshops, and wine-tasting courses.

The airline is also offering diners the chance to enjoy a taste of Singapore Airlines with meals delivered to your home. Sia@Home diners can recreate the first-class experience by ordering an all-inclusive meal for two with wine or Champagne, which comes with the tableware usually available on board.


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