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Pernod Ricard has unveiled its much anticipated limited-edition, ultra-prestige rum Havana Club Tributo 2020 which marks the 5th anniversary of the Tributo Collection. The latest instalment in the range was released at the Habanos Festival (Havana, Cuba) with a limited release of 2,500 bottles globally...

Unveiled for the first time in 2016, each edition highlights a specific element of traditional Cuban rum making process, reflecting the knowledge and passion of the Masters of Cuban rum. This year, the Havana Club Tributo 2020 edition pays homage to the unique successive ageing and blending process used in Cuban rum, carefully carried out according to the Cuban traditions handed down by the Masters of Cuban Rum.

To create the 2020 bottling, Asbel Morales, master of Cuban rum, hand-picked a small quantity of rum reserves from previous Tributo releases, which had been kept and further matured. Morales then blended them with a rum taken from a batch of 100 exclusive casks that have never been made available commercially.

The final rum is said to have an “intense and rich hint of smoke”, influenced by the Tributo 2018 release, as well as notes of dark chocolate, coffee and spice.

Presented in a luxury box with art-deco style references, each bottle is numbered, and each box is personalised with the signature of the Havana Club Master of Cuban rum as a guarantee of quality and excellence.

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