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After five years of research by the Swiss company SolarImpact Yacht, the vision of a seaworthy solar yacht with futuristic modern aesthetics has now been realized.

The innovative solar yacht was developed “to combine luxurious convenience, modern design and sustainability for sailing across the high seas.”

Designed to glide effortlessly without swaying even over waves several meters high, the hull technology is based on the SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) construction principle, which has been known since 1938 but was previously reserved for special ships only: two torpedo-shaped buoyancy hulls under the water surface support the ship. This achieves a physical shaft decoupling that reduces the rolling and heeling of the yacht by up to 90 percent. It lies calmly in the water even in strong swells, putting an end to the annoying swaying motion of the boat.

The solar yacht is energetically almost self-sufficient with all systems on board using the sun as their primary energy source. Packed with two electric motors of 500 kW the vessel is expected to achieve a top speed of 22 knots, in case of unfavourable weather conditions and cloud cower it also comes with a diesel aggregate.

The 78-foot yacht offers 340 square metres (3,660 square feet) of luxuriously and functionally designed living space on three levels, and a wide range of options regarding interior furnishings, design, and modern lighting, air-conditioning and sound solutions.

A 3D model of the solar yacht will be debuting at 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival from the 11-16 September 2018.

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31 août 2018

I look forward to the progress of this needed technology from SolarImpact Yacht.

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