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Part watch, part jewelry, the iconic Chanel Code Coco watch builds on its signature style ...

Inspired by the iconic CHANEL 2.55 purse, created back in 1955, the Code Coco watch is unlike any other watch. The bracelet is a combination of tiny squares that recall Chanel's famous quilted design, while the clasp that sits above the tiny watch hands is an exact replica of the fastener on the French fashion house's iconic 2.55 bags

What makes the Code Coco watch stands out is the way that it fastens around the wearer’s wrist. Rather than using a classic folding clasp, this timepiece furls around the wrist until its two ends meet.

This season Chanel have unveiled three new versions of the Code Coco. The first focuses on extravagance with an XXL steel strap that wraps around the wrist like a cuff. The second features embossed black leather with a quilted motif while the third so BLACK version is a moody matte watch that will bring the rebel out in anyone!


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