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With the Death Star Tourbillion created by Kross Studios ..

Inspired by the Galactic Empire’s infamous battle station and planet-destroying superlaser the Death Star watch honors the Death Star’s fine architecture down to each smallest component, with hand finished decoration techniques such as drawing, polishing and satin-finishing.

Comprising of 281 components the hour hand embodies an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, the bane of the rebellion, while the minute hand appears as a Super-Class Star Destroyer, one of the most powerful Empire vessels

The captivating tourbillon cage represents the northern hemisphere of the Death Star, making one revolution per minute. On the surface of the Death Star-inspired Tourbillon, a green superlaser cannon stands reminiscent of the space station’s kyber crystal enabled power. Each realization of a Death Star-shaped tourbillon cage required 260'328 lines of code, which led to 483 operations on high-technology machines.

Houses within a dome-shaped sapphire crystal specifically conceived in order to house the Death Star tourbillon cage and its green superlaser. Made in black DLC coated grade 5 titanium, this 45mm case is crafted to the finest standards of Swiss design and engineering.

The timepiece is also equipped with an interchangeable strap system. The clean lines are preserved by cleverly hiding the two quick-release buttons on the underside of the case. This practical feature will allow a change of straps with one simple click, from the included calfskin leather strap to either of the two other included rubber straps.

In addition to the timepiece, collectors will also receive a “Kyber Crystal” prop the power source of the Death Star’s superlaser that appeared on screen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Limited to just 10 individually numbered sets priced at $150,000 available for purchase direct from Kross Studios HERE >

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