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After 10 years the Histoire de Tourbillon series from Harry Winston is finally coming to an end with release of its final installment "Histoire de Tourbillon 10"

Histoire de Tourbillon 10 marks the 10th anniversary of the Harry Winston collection, dedicated to the reigning complication in contemporary fine watchmaking. For the first time ever, Harry Winston uses four distinct tourbillons in a Histoire de Tourbillon creation.

Containing four tourbillions with four separate balances inside four separate cages the Histoire de Tourbillon 10 is a one of a kind masterpiece.

The tourbillon cages rotate (all clockwise) once every 36 seconds with the balances oscillating at 21,600 vph/3 Hz. Powered by two pairs of fast-rotating barrels that provide a 55 hour power reserve to show the entire movement off, the rectangular case is protected by a rounded rectangular glass box with two bridges that encircle the sapphire crystal.

The movement is extremely complex with no less than 673 components. To ensure that the four tourbillons’ rates are equalized properly, three differential systems are used. The first is connected to the two tourbillons on the left, while the second is connected to those on the right side of the case. The third, which is large and located in a central position, does the job of averaging the two previous differentials and transmitting its information to the juxtaposed hands.

Three versions of the watch will be produced, with a unique piece crafted in Winstonium and two editions of 10 pieces each in white and rose gold. Winstonium is basically a precious metal alloy based on platinum unique to Harry, the Winstonium model has two large, blued tourbillon bridges with rhodium-plated platinum bridges for the rest of the movement. The white gold model has rhodium-plated titanium tourbillon bridges and dark grey platinum for the other bridges; the rose gold version inverts them.

The Winstonium and white gold models come with alligator leather straps stitched with platinum thread, while the rose gold is in black-and-copper toned alligator leather, which gives it a warm, aged feel, quite perfect for the Histoire.

The prices start from $694,000 - $763,000

For more information visit Harry Winston

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