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The new Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anticlockwise which as the name suggests reads time backwards ...

Building on their successful, shared “Vision” of being different and unique, Hublot and UAE partners Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons have launched an all-new timepiece: the Classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anticlockwise. This is Hublot’s first-ever watch made fully from bronze, with a grey dial, and featuring an anticlockwise movement, another first for the watchmaking brand. Designed and produced at the Hublot Manufacture in Switzerland, the Classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anticlockwise turns back time with its 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 O’clock Indian numbers indexes positioned backwards on the dial, and its hands turning counter-clockwise. The self-winding anticlockwise movement inspires the wearer to take a step back in time and admire the UAE’s impressive path that lead it to its current greatness. Hublot cut its Classic Fusion case out of bronze, a material created over 10,000 years ago through a fusion of copper and other metals such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc. The alloy has the advantages of non-magnetism, resistance to corrosion and a distinctive appearance through its unmistakable hue. As bronze is covered with a natural patina that protects it and lends it an unparalleled finish, it gives this special edition a beautiful color that contrasts with the grey dial which positions its 3N gold-plated appliques in an unusual direction.

An homage to the avant-garde spirit of Hublot, the highly anticipated watch with its grey calf and gold stitched strap is limited to 100 pieces, a collector’s edition that defies the test of time and tradition.


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