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Jacob & Co.’s latest Billionaire watch is encrusted with 189 carats of white diamonds and will set you back a cool $7million ...

Adding to its lineup of diamond-encrusted timepieces, Jacob & Co. have recently introduced a second edition Billionaire Watch, the first edition which was encrusted with 239 carats of diamonds and famously purchased by Floyd Mayweather for a staggering $18million.

The latest incarnation has been dubbed the ASHOKA Billionaire watch and is encrusted with 189 carats of William Goldberg’s Ashoka diamonds which are named after King Ashoka Maurya, a famed third-century warrior also regarded as one of India’s greatest emperors.

With a rectangular shape, rounded corners, and 62 precisely-cut facets, the ASHOKA is quite rare firstly because of the ASHOKA diamonds are in a way that automatically makes then look larger than a standard emerald cut diamond in addition less than 1% of all rough diamonds even possess the potential to become an ASHOKA - making the Billionaire ASHOKA an extraordinarily special piece.

Underneath the diamond facade lays a skeletonized caliber JCAM09 tourbillon movement with a 72-hour power reserve and in addition to the 62 ASHOKA diamonds there are a further 19 jewels and a final rose-cut white diamond affixed to the crown.


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