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Jacob & Co unveils a new Astronomia Maestro that is simple out of this world...

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia watch collection was first introduced back in 2014 and since then we have had the Astronomia Spider, Astronomia Casino, Astronomia Gambler, Astronomia Octopus and several Astronomia Solar watches most recently Jacob & Co unveiled the new Astronomia Maestro minute repeater.

Minute repeaters are the most prized complications by collectors with only a handful of watchmaker able to successfully create then primarily because they are conceivably the most difficult complications to create.

The new Astronomia Maestro took three years or research and development to create and incorporates a minute repeater mechanism with carillon. The large sapphire crystal case which has been a consistent design element of Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia collection since its inception is clearly visible through the transparent case which showcases the movement of the gravitational triple axis tourbillon from multiple angles, and the three elevated spiral gongs of the minute repeater carillon in the six o’clock position.

The 1-carat, 288-facet Jacob Cut® diamond, the magnesium-lacquered blue globe, the hand-painted astronaut rotate on themselves in 40 seconds, and the moon phase and date, including two half-sphere Jacob-cut diamonds (one carat total) travel with the tourbillon around the dial.

The background to this mechanical mastery is pure aventurine, making it look like a deep blue starry sky, with a hand-painted Milky Way and planets with a lone adventurer


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