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Jaeger LeCoultre unveil a new interpretation of the 101 Feuille watch for women ...

Under its veil of diamonds, the new 101 Feuille watch for women in white gold combines watchmaking expertise and jewellery perfection, a tradition at Jaeger-LeCoultre. After the 101 Reine and 101 Feuille interpretations in rose gold were made available for the 2018 Venice Film Festival, the Grande Maison drew inspiration once more from its extraordinary legacy to bring an iconic model back to life, which was first created in 1959.

Miniature movement

Under the dome of the elegant and refined leaf, which gives it part of its name, this new jewellery-watch conceals the renowned Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101. Developed by the Manufacture in 1929, it remains the smallest mechanical movement in the world to this day. An exception in terms of miniaturisation: 98 components manufactured and assembled at the Manufacture with a volume of 0.2 cm3, thickness of 3.4 mm and weighing barely a gramme.

A new look with white gold and diamonds

Delicate, feminine and timeless, this unique interpretation allows white gold to shine in all its glory. Under a bed of 171 diamonds (10.13 carats) of different diameters, set individually by hand to cover the precious metal completely, the secrets of the infinitely small are either hidden from the eyes or revealed to the light of day. Closely reproducing the curved and sensual lines of a leaf, the headdress of this secret watch can be raised or lowered with one simple movement. Whenever its owner desires, the 101 Feuille watch in white gold unveils its silvered opaline dial with absolute discretion.

Expressing the art of gem-setting and hand-engraving, the 101 Feuille jewellery-watch in white gold offers signature Jaeger-LeCoultre Rare Handcrafts™ (Métiers Rares®) characteristics a new chance to shine. And to light up the eyes of women who appreciate the art of watchmaking in its more technical, more precious and more spectacular state.


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