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Piaget celebrates the Chinese New Year with an exclusive creation. This year, the Piaget Altiplano watch honours the Zodiac sign of the Rat ...

According to the legend, the Jade Emperor  needed 12 guards for his palace. So he organized a race; the first 12 animals to arrive at the palace would be selected and their rank would be determined by the order in which they arrive. The Rat was determined to be the first. However, during the race, he encountered a river that forced him to stop. The resourceful rat waited for the ox to arrive and jumped on his back to cross the water safely. The ox then started to sprint towards the palace. Right before reaching the finish line, the Rat jumped from the ox’s back and landed ahead of the Ox, winning the race. This is why the Rat is the first of all Zodiac signs.

Rats are intelligent and resourceful. Often good at economizing and taking considered choices, they are a sign of wealth. Rats are hard working and determined, they won’t stop until they achieved their objectives. They have the capacity to react promptly to takes advantage of opportunities. People born in the year of the rats are also sensitive to other’s emotions. They are kind, charming, gentle, and easygoing. Everyone likes them and their calm temperament.

To honour this extraordinary and ambitious Zodiac animal, Piaget immortalized it on one of its most iconic watch’s dial: The Piaget Altiplano. A white gold case holds the 430P ultra-thin hand-wound Piaget movement, which is only 2,1 mm thick. Embellished by a 78 diamonds set bezel, the dial of the watch, crafted in Grand Feu cloisonné enamel, pictures two white rats looking both in the same direction. This elaborate enamelling process starts by transferring the drawing onto the surface using gold thread, thus creating miniature partitions or cloisons in which the enamel pigments are delicately placed. The enamel is fired multiple times between 820°C and 850°C in the kiln before it can be evened out and finally varnished to give it its ethereal glow. Despite working within the constraints of a watch’s dial, Anita Porchet, a widely recognized enamel master, has perfected  this art of excellence in such a way that she is able to play with light and shades. She created the most delicate tones of grey to emphasize the refined motif and give life to the drawing, inspired by the Zodiac sign of the year.

Piaget cherishes and strongly supports the various Métiers d’Art in its collections. From wood or feather marquetry to engraving and enameling, the Maison aims to create extraordinary jewellery and watch pieces. By working  with these unique know-hows, Piaget wants to glorify and modernize these Métiers d’Art and honour the talented artisans.

Along with this unique watch, Piaget offers the carnelian Possession collection to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Its turning bands, and vibrant red colours attract positive energy and bring success. The red carnelian rose gold pendant with half-sphere paved is available for those who love the audacious, fiery tones of this gem. The Maison also presents a medium rose gold bangle paved with diamonds on the two sides of the bracelet and an open ring, both with carnelian cabochons and diamond set turning bands.

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