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After a wowing the world of haute horology back in 2013, Vianney Halter the space and time travel watchmaker, is back with an even more complex and impressive creation with the Deep Space Resonance....

Slated for delivery in summer 2021, the Deep Space Resonance is an impressively complex watch, introducing a new technical breakthrough at the heart of his renowned 3 axis tourbillon seen in the Deep Space Tourbillon

Like its predecessor, the new watch is a triple-axis tourbillon, but now it is equipped with a pair of hairsprings and balance wheels within the tourbillon – both of which beat in acoustic resonance according to Mr Halter.

The idea of creating an acoustically resonant double-balance time instrument emerged in Vianney’s mind in 1996 when he started learning to play the piano. When attuning the keys where three harmonic strings overlap, he noticed an energy exchange between the strings that forced them to resonate. Just like on the tuning fork, the resonance mechanism seemed to depend on the fixed base through which the energy flows. Vianney felt there could be a similar way to synchronize two balance wheels of a watch.

Thanks to the three axis rotation, every detail on the structure is visible. The complexity of the mechanism is highlighted by a unique and light architectural construction. The 42 polished curved pillars that hold the bridges are a testimony to Achille Benoît’s beautiful 1939 marine chronometer. Every part of the mechanism is traditionally decorated and refined by hand for a breathtaking effect. Despite the apparent complexity, the technological architecture was kept at the most simple and efficient. Nothing is superfluous.

The axis structure is layered in concentric cages: The innermost cage holds the balances and weighs 0.6 grams for 162 parts. This cage rotates inside the traverse in 60 seconds. The traverse weighs 2.8 grams and rotates around it’s horizontal axis in 6 minutes. The traverse is mounted in the cradle, that rotates on it’s vertical axis in 30 minutes. The whole 3 axis system counts 371 individual parts.

The balances are nominally 21‘600 vph but in reality they vary a little. Each balance will transmit its motion to the shared bridge which will in turn affect the other balance. This way, both balances will influence each other, and quickly and reliably reach a common frequency. In turn, this makes the whole regulating system more accurate.

The Deep Space Resonance Prototype is a manually wound, 65h power reserve watch. The balances start to resonate as soon as the energy is sufficient to set the balances in motion, and stay synchronized until all motion stops. The balances will synchronize and oscillate at the same time, but not necessarily in the same direction at the same time. This will define the resonance mode.

The dial was developed as a no-nonsense tool, and directly inspired by the Vernier calliper.

The dial of the timepiece is inspired by the Vernier calliper. The Hours and Quarters can be read in the top aperture. At the bottom aperture one can read the supplemental minutes by finding where the marks match the best.

The price for the final piece of the Vianney Halter Deep Space Resonance Prototype is $972,000, excluding taxes, shipping and insurances. For more information visit:


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