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UK-based yacht designers Hawk Yachts has unveiled ANOTHER concept yacht, the new 68-metre (23-foot) explorer yacht which it hopes will be suited to year-round chartering.

The new Hawk Ranger will offer six staterooms, including a large owner’s suite and five guest cabins, able to accommodate up to 12 guests. With a top speed of 17 knots she will enjoy a cruising range of up to 6,500 nautical miles.

Designed for penetrating ice fields, the Ranger will have a Polar Class 6 hull to break through 32 inches of ice, a reinforced ice belt along the waterline, a large boiler to keep the yacht warm in cold environments, heated seals on the exterior doors so they will not freeze over, large “expedition” side gates, and other features for journeying into the frozen wilds.

Hawk Yachts chief executive Matthias Bosse said, “This approach allows owners to run the yacht as a profitable business. The super-rich are no longer content to own trophy vessels that sit in harbour for 45 weeks of the year. Increasingly, we are seeing a desire to live and breathe experiences that are only accessible to the select few.”

The news of Hawk’s latest concept arrives after the announcement of two other explorer yachts in January –  the 5-metre Cape Hawk and the 75-metre Sky Hawk.

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22 thg 10, 2018

This a very attractive explorer with many practical features. I like the high freeboard, and protected walkways. She is a viable design.

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