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American boutique hypercar manufacturer Hennessey Performance Engineering has unveiled a new version of the F5 Venom with the new Venom F5 Revolution Roadster ..

The new Venom F5 Revolution Roadster is comprehensively re-engineered from its Coupe sibling for ultimate performance on the road and track with improved agility, uncompromised handling, and higher downforce. A suite of track-focused improvements includes aerodynamic enhancements — significantly larger front and rear splitters, dive planes on the front fascia, and a distinctive rear wing — retuned suspension, new wheels, and digital track telemetry. The Revolution Roadster features a high-mounted central air scoop, carried forward from the Revolution Coupe, that delivers fresh cool air to the F5’s engine bay.

Differentiating from the Coupe model, the F5 Revolution Roadster’s roof has been re-engineered with a removable panel crafted from rigid carbon fiber composites. The single-piece roof is fully insulated against the elements and lined with soft Alcantara upholstery (the weatherproof panel is secured with four quick-release bolts and a pair of high-strength latches to withstand the hypercar’s staggering acceleration capabilities and aerodynamic forces at extreme speed). The lightweight roof panel weighs a mere 18 lbs (8 kg), making removal and installation easy for one person.

Paralleling all other Venom F5 models, mid-mounted in the carbon-fiber monocoque chassis is Hennessey’s celebrated twin-turbocharged, 6.6-liter, ‘Fury’ V8 combustion engine rated at an astonishing 1,817 bhp. As with the F5 Roadster, the Venom F5 Revolution Roadster features a robust tempered glass engine viewing window as standard to spotlight the formidable powerplant. The glass, about four times stronger than ordinary annealed glass, is encapsulated within a removable carbon fiber engine cover that features intricately milled heat extraction holes that match those in the rear bumper.

Designed to evoke the spirit of fast fighter jets the passengers cockpit comes complete with an aircraft ‘yoke’ for steering while the carbon-fiber bucket seats are cushioned with leather-clad pads that adhere to the ‘function defines form’ design philosophy and contribute to a lighter seat.

Set to make its public debut at The Quail during Monterey Car Week the Roadster variant which commands a starting price of $3 million has already been sold out!


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