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Hennessy releases a limited edition Hennessy Paradis, Golden Edition exclusively on featuring a golden decanter with exclusive NFT artwork..

Hennessy has unveiled 500 limited edition bottles of Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition (70cl) with a second drop of 100 limited edition magnums of Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition e dropped the beginning of December. Available first in 70cl and then in magnum (150cl) format, Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition is a special edition distributed exclusively on, the world’s first DTC NFT marketplace for luxury wines and spirits. These collector golden decanters contain Hennessy Paradis, a gold-tinged cognac, a harmonious blend, crafted using the maison’s finest and precious eaux-de-vie, and includes also an exclusive NFT golden hour inspired artwork by LA based stylist Veneda Carter. Veneda is a jewellery designer renowned for working with gold. It’s her experience working with gold that made her the perfect collaborator for Hennessy on this exclusive golden release.

Golden Hour Artwork by Veneda Carter Hennessy has partnered with Veneda Carter to design an exclusive 3D animated NFT artwork of an ethereal desert-scape with the Hennessy decanter bathed in a golden light. A tribute to its graceful character and to the concept of golden hour suspended moment. When describing her unique design Carter said it is “a bounty of Nature polished by human hands”. For Carter, behind every jewel in the design, there’s a story to be told. “Many of us have felt its spirit and we long to understand it, a harmony that binds us” comments Carter. The NFT artwork concept tells one of those stories, that connects with your emotions. Ultimate Holiday Gift Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition is tipped to be the ultimate NFT gift this holiday season and BlockBar’s gifting service allows you to gift this special golden without having to deal with shipping and logistics, only a giftee's email address is required. Upon purchase of the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition NFT, the physical bottle will be held securely by BlockBar, with a record of authenticity held on the blockchain as a digital certificate of ownership. Through BlockBar’s platform the buyer emails the NFT with a personal message to the gift recipient. The recipient is then invited to create an account on the site and accept their NFT on receiving the right to redeem the product. The recipient is then invited to create an account on the site and accept their NFT on receiving the right to redeem the product. The receiver may choose to redeem the physical product and have it delivered from BlockBar’s secure storage facility anywhere in the world, to safely trade its NFT version within the marketplace or keep it in their virtual bar.

How To Purchase

500 limited-edition Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition 70cl bottles will be available to purchase exclusively on The drop goes live at 10AM EST on Friday 23rd September on a first come, first served basis. Priced at $2,500, each NFT is available to purchase with ETH or credit card. At 10AM, the first users to reserve the bottle will then have 10 minutes to checkout. Users who successfully check out will receive an NFT representing ownership of the physical decanter, which is stored with BlockBar until the bottle owner is ready to redeem. NFT artwork by Veneda Carter is included with each purchase. Upon redemption, each holder will receive an NFT receipt with a unique design.

BlockBar owners will receive early access 24 hours before the public release.


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