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Hermes unveils a new men's must have luxury accessory at Paris Men’s Fashion Week..

The Birkin bag has been the luxury must have accessory for women for years and now men are getting in on the action. Unveiled at the Hermes Fall/Winter 2022 runway show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week " The Rock"

Crafted in black Evercalf leather, the new men's version doesn’t seem to differ much from the highly sought-after Birkin. It boasts the bag’s signature flap, as well as the straps and hardware that secure its contents. What’s new is the keychain that connects the corner of the bag with a pocket on its façade, as well as an adjacent zipped pocket shaped like a saddle however the height and width of the bag is slightly larger than that of a typical Birkin.

‘The Rock’ by Hermes is available in only one style with its exact price currently unknown.

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