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Voyager Space names Hilton official hotel partner to elevate and evaluate guest experience in space..

When you’re going into outer space for an extended period of time, hotel giant Hilton and Voyager Space want astronauts and space tourists to know it matters where you stay. Voyager, a global leader in space exploration, has confirmed Hilton will be the official hotel partner of Starlab, Voyager’s planned free-flying commercial space station.

Voyager, and its operating company Nanoracks, were awarded $160 million in NASA funding in 2021 for the Starlab space station, which is set to replace the International Space Station. Starlab is planned to have the capacity to continuously host up to four astronauts and house the George Washington Carver (GWC) Science Park, a state-of-the-art laboratory system and first science park in space. Starlab leverages Voyager and Nanoracks' experience managing global customer experience and research operations on the International Space Station for over a decade.

This first-of-its-kind venture builds on Hilton’s effect in new and emerging markets, its storied history with space, and its global lodging and hospitality leadership, welcoming more than three billion guests across a portfolio of 18 brands comprising 7,000 properties in 122 countries and territories. In partnership with Voyager, Hilton will bring this unique scale and customer focus to Starlab as it continues to serve every traveler for every trip occasion.

The research and design work being dedicated to Starlab could also lead to advancements driving sustainability and greater design efficiencies for future hotel owners in space and on Earth. Just as Hilton has done for its more than 100-year history, from creating the first central reservation system and being the first hotel to offer in-room air conditioning, to introducing Digital Key technology and pioneering Confirmed Connecting Rooms, the company will continue to set the standard for the industry - now bringing that legacy of innovation beyond Earth.

Voyager and Hilton will partner in the areas of architecture and design, leveraging Hilton’s world-class creative design and innovation experts, to develop Space Hospitality crew headquarters aboard Starlab, including communal areas, hospitality suites and sleeping arrangements for the astronauts. Additionally, the teams will seek to explore opportunities together for longer-term efforts including the ground-to-space astronaut experience, global co-marketing and branding, and other tourism, educational and commercial efforts.

Image Credit: © 2022 Hilton


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