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A new flying hotel concept 'Sky Cruise' will carry 5,000 guests but will never set foot on land!

The world’s first nuclear-powered flying hotel concept has been unveiled by Yemeni engineer Hashem Al-Ghaili as his vision for the future of travel via Youtube

The video shows a humongus aircraft named Sky Cruise which promises to accommodate 5,000 passengers. Powered by twenty engines and a small nuclear reactor, Hashem claims the hotel will be able stay afloat for several years at a time with both passengers and supplies delivered directly to the hotel via traditional commercial jets with maintenance and repairs also be conducted mid-air.

Given the size of the aircraft it is safe to assume a lot of staff will be required however pilots need not apply as this giant flying machine will be AI-piloted.

Being suspended high above the clouds, the sky hotel would offer great views of the world below with a large “panoramic hall” offering 360-degree views across the sky.

For guests the 'Sky Cruise' will feature several entertainment options a shopping mall, sports centers, swimming pools, restaurants, cinemas, playgrounds, and more. A separate section of the airborne hotel would be dedicated to events and business meetings, as well as wedding halls.

Whilst this conceptual design is awe inspiring not everyone agrees, with some commenters on Youtube describing the Sky Cruise concept as the “new Titanic” - another wrote "What if we combined the Titanic with the Hindenburg and then put a nuclear reactor in it? What if.

images provided courtesy Hashem Al-Ghaili/ Youtube

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