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As the world becomes more eco-conscience designers are recognizing cork’s versatility and are combining it beautifully with glass, metal, ceramics and timber to add character to the home...

Cork has been around for decades, usually used as a closure mechanism for bottles, however nowadays we are seeing cork used in furniture and art installations. If you are of a certain age you will remember the hideous cork wallpaper of the 70’s well do not despair because today's reincarnation using this natural source is extremely stylish.

Leading the pack is British design Jasper Morrison who has unveiled a limited edition line, now on exhibition at the Kasmin Gallery, it boasts a variety of beautiful pieces, from a chaise lounge and ottoman to tables and shelving.

Here we advise how you can inject cork into your home:


Creating a cork feature wall helps turn a dead space into a great place to gather inspirational bits and bobs, personal memoirs and treasured trinkets.

Available in a wide variety of unique styles, patterns, shades and thickness cork walls compliment any décor or furniture style and will add character and warmth to any room.


Using a cork table or bench not only incorporates a natural look and feel into your home but it’s also water-repellent, durable and easy to clean, just don’t spill red wine on it!

Cork is also a sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly material that is extremely versatile.


Stools are a great way to add seating to the home plus they can also be used as a trendy side table, comparatively lightweight and extremely durable, it also has a velvety surface that is pleasant to touch.


Paired with glass or bamboo cork looks great as a table accessory. For a simple and elegant look lay out a white table cloth and combine cork jugs and carafes with glass vases filled with branches and foliage picked from the backyard.

In the kitchen cork and bamboo canisters are the perfect accessory to hold salts, sugars, seeds etc ..


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