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With the highly anticipated season 3 premiere of Stranger Things on Netflix, '80s inspired décor is back in the spotlight. Neon flashes, sci-fi movie posters and bold retro-styled furniture take centre stage in this cult classic themed room to amp up the nostalgic feel.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, shares tips on how to achieve the '80s look in the living room inspired by the prestige television series.

1. Combine an ‘80s style inspiration with bold colours

“Create your very own Stranger Things themed living room by styling the space to reflect some iconic movies of the ‘80s. An easy trick is to combine illustration-style posters with contrasting hues to create bold and visually stimulating results.”

The framed Ghostbusters poster is a nod to the boys dressing up as the Ghostbuster gang for Halloween, but any iconic ‘80s movie visual will work. She continues, “Drawing inspiration from the Stranger Things poster, paint the walls a dark blue and invest in a stunning red leather sofa for a bold, colourful palette - super trendy in the ‘80s. To anchor the room’s elements together, lay out a striped, retro-inspired rug for interest.”

2. Introduce Easter eggs with iconic pieces from Stranger Things “Protagonist Jonathan Byers’s camera played such a crucial role in season 1 that it makes for a great piece to put on display. But even if you don’t have a vintage camera, look for decorative pieces like a Rubik’s cube, Sony Walkman or white sneakers to further capture the nostalgic vibes of the ‘80s.”

Moving on to some of the show’s signature elements, the yellow telephone and infamous Dungeon and Dragons dice work wonderfully as fun add-ons in the background. Even for non-fans of the series, these items would still perk up a living room in need of some quirk.

3. Complete the look with signature lighting and music

“Lastly, complete your Stranger Things look with two most iconic props: a miniature Reiss-inspired bike along with some (not-so-sinister) fairy lights for full effect,” advises Rebecca. They weren’t much help against the Demogorgon, but they do invoke a stylish, tasteful feel of the show - perfect if you’re planning a viewing party for season 3.

“If you have a vinyl record player, include Michael Jackson’s Thriller disc in the mix - it’s the perfect song to play on repeat throughout your season 3 binge,” says Rebecca. “Plus, it’d really set the right ambience.”

Article provided courtesy of Press Loft


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