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The verdict is in, the Pantoneview home + interiors 2020 color palette of the year is here!

Color and design trends for home furnishings 2020 reveal a fascinating dichotomy as a new era brings in both novel and nostalgic approaches to design. An emphasis on self-care combined with our affinity for nature based hues clearly comes through in this year's colour story "Tea Garden" an artfully tranquil story of soft, earthy colors with a variety of warm and cool undertones.

Reminiscent of the art of the Japanese ceremony called Way of the Tea, the colors and mood of Tea Garden suggest a thoughtful aesthetic imbued with humility, simplicity, harmony, respect, and tranquility. The nourishing colors used in the Tea Garden palette fit perfectly into its ethos: blue in the shades of sky and sea, earthy lavender-inflected Toadstool, serene greens, both Matcha-toned yellow-green and a pungent chai shade, and the finishing flavor of Mango.

Here luxury furniture brand KOKET unveil their nature inspired designs. 

Pantoneview home + interiors is a guide that identifies color and design trends for home furnishings. Similar to the “Pantone Color of the Year”, it identifies a color that is trending specifically in the home and interiors market. 

If you keep up with the trends or just love earthy tones, KOKET has the perfect Tea Garden hued decor.  No stranger to nature-inspired elements in their designs, when KOKET’s earthy elements meet Tea Garden’s artfully tranquil story of grounded tones, it’s nothing less than enchanting. 

The KOKET woman is luxurious and extravagant, but that does not mean she doesn’t appreciate the simpler things in life every now and then. With colors like Shadow Green, Chai Tea, and Sky Bluel, it allows her to relax in her surroundings, feel close to her thoughts, and slow down the pace for a moment. 

Introduce nature infused hues and peaceful energy into your home and bedroom with select KOKET creations and channel your love for mother earth.

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