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If you’re considering selling your home the most important rule to remember is that “first impressions count” and as your exteriors are the first glimpse of your home it’s important to make a good impression...

When preparing your property for sale we all know that a clean, bright and fresh smelling home is essential but we often overlook the most obvious things that could make or break a potential sale, the exterior of our homes. It’s a cliché but people can be very judgmental and your properties exterior is the first opportunity to have to make a good impression as the standard of the exterior will predetermine what your interiors look like to a potential buyer so it is essential that your exterior space matches the rest of your home.

Keep it Clean & Clear

Sometimes just a quick sweep up and cleaning of the windows is all that is required, however for a more in-depth clean pressure wash the brickwork and remove dirt and grime, clean the window frames and remove any unsightly rubbish and bins out of eye-sight.

Make a Grand Entrance

No matter if your property has a large, medium, or minimal sized approach, making your front door a focal point will always create great kerb appeal, as well as providing added security and performance to meet the demands of modern life. Choose a front door that will keep with the overall design of the home. For example, an oak design offering a natural look or glazing panels to create more of a statement feature and contemporary look.

Add a Hint of Colour

Instantly transform your exterior area and inject colour by introducing front beds with vibrant perennials that will bloom every year. If you are short on space or are looking for an immediate fix, you can also opt for containers which offer versatility and are easy to update. Use fragrant flowers such as lavender and rosemary, which will add beautiful scents to your entrance.

Light it Up

Make a stylistic statement by adding lighting fixtures, not only will these help you find your keys late in the evening, but are also a great way to add character to your property's frontage. Use them to highlight your garden's best features, such as a well maintained flower bed, or place them beside a pathway to clearly outline a route to the front door.'

Upgrade your pathway

Consider the path through your front garden as a journey to your home, giving visitors an all-important first impression. Your pathway may have stood the test of time, however, even durable materials like cement and stone can be tested by the elements and develop cracks and wearing.


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