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As part of its BOSS Legends series the luxury fashion house has unveiled a unique capsule collection celebrating the iconic Queen frontman..

Inspired by icons past and present, the BOSS Legends series marks Pride Month with a limited edition collection celebrating the attitude, vision and spirit of iconic singer, songwriter and performer Freddie Mercury.

The capsule contains statement essentials available in black, white, or a bright yellow with printed photos of some of his renowned performances across the front of them. Each is accompanied by his autograph or a specially created combined BOSS logo and autograph motif.

A standout item from the collection is a T-shirt printed with a quote from Freddie that perfectly captures the spirit of the BOSS Legends series: “I’m not going to be a star. I’m going to be a legend!”

The apparel pieces cost between £79-£179 and you can shop the Freddie Mercury collection exclusively at and

Each collection is inspired by an iconic individual, with a portion of profits to be donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which fights HIV and AIDS around the world. The limited edition range is now available for purchase on


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