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Hyundai is looking beyond the conventional car with its chassis, four wheels and a combustion engine, electric motor or hydrogen fuel cell. Indeed, the Korean company is already looking at even more radical versions of transportation to change the way we move..

Known as Elevate the "walking car", pushes the boundaries of what we currently call a vehicle. Complex multi-joint legs, inspired by those of a grasshopper, give this “walking car” the ability to climb steps, lift itself above flowing water or even jump over gaps.

The Elevate vehicle is a physical expression of freedom of mobility - a concept that Hyundai believes should be a universal right. For example, even physical movement can be a challenge for some people. To address this, the firm is developing its wearable H-MEX exoskeletons. Aimed at helping paraplegics and elderly people, the robotic medical device can support up to 40kg of the wearer’s weight and can potentially grant movement to those with spinal injuries or muscle issues.

Elevate could also play a role in rural exploration, construction or even disaster relief, by allowing rescue teams to reach areas where traditional roads have been compromised. It could also offer wheelchair users an easier route to transport by “climbing” the steps to a house or building.


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