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Movie fans have been waiting an age for the next installment in the Avatar franchise and now we know why. Director James Cameroon has been helping Mercedes Benz with the design of their latest concept vehicle the Vision AVTR ...

Inspired by AVATAR: The name of the groundbreaking concept vehicle stands not only for the close collaboration in developing the concept car but also for ADVANCED VEHICLE TRANSFORMATION.

The holistic concept of the VISION AVTR has distinctive inside-out design structure inspired by several creatures from the movie AVATAR. With its stretched "One Bow" design and organic design language, the VISION AVTR offers a visionary outlook on the design of the future.

Just like the movie biometrics play a huge part in the functionality of this vehicle. Instead of a conventional steering wheel, the multi-functional control element in the center console allows human and machine to merge. By placing the hand on the control unit, the interior comes to life and the vehicle recognizes the driver by his or her heartbeat and breathing. By simply lifting the hand, a menu selection is projected onto the palm of the hand, through which the passenger can intuitively choose between different functionalities. For example, real-time 3D graphics can be used to explore the fictional world of Pandora from different perspectives. The curved display module creates the visual connection between passengers and the outside world. 

For the first time, the VISION AVTR concept vehicle is using a revolutionary battery technology based on graphene-based organic cell chemistry that is completely clean of rare earths and metals. The materials of the battery are compostable and therefore completely recyclable. In this way, electric mobility becomes independent of fossil resources. As a result, Mercedes-Benz underlines the high relevance of a future circular economy in the raw materials sector.

Sadly this is just a concept vehicle, for the moment anyway!


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