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BUWOG’s two new developments add to classic but contemporary luxury residence options in Vienna ...

For over 70 years, BUWOG Group GmbH (BUWOG) has dominated Austria’s residential property management market. With decades of experience under its belt, instead of fading into irrelevance, BUWOG is continuing to improve the standard of luxury living in the country, with its latest developments in Vienna bearing testimony to this.

Recently, Luxury Lifestyle Awards awarded BUWOG – a subsidiary of Vonovia SE, Europe’s foremost residential company – three titles: Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Austria, Best Luxury Residential Development for ‘Kennedy Garden’ in Austria and Best Luxury Residential Renovation Project for ‘Inside XIX’ in Austria. These top honors were awarded in recognition of BUWOG’s excellence in the development of top-quality apartments in the most sought-after neighborhoods of the Austrian capital.

BUWOG stands out from its peers for several reasons. Top among these is the agency’s national footprint. Specifically, BUWOG has a property portfolio of approximately 22,150 units and its development pipeline in Vienna includes approximately 6,027 units. This responsibility for over 2 million sqm of floor area makes it the leading full-service company in the Austrian residential market.

BUWOG’s head-office is in Vienna, but the firm has branches in Graz, Salzburg and Villach. While property management (including rentals and operation management) is its core business, BUWOG has also developed credibility in property sales and property development. In this regard, Luxury Lifestyle Awards celebrates BUWOG for two projects currently under construction: Kennedy Garden and Inside XIX.

The first project is Kennedy Garden, which is just a short distance from Kennedy Bridge, in Vienna’s 19th district. The building has been designed to be a one-of-a-kind living experience that will comprise 512 privately financed condominiums with measurements ranging 40 sqm to 180 sqm. In addition, there will be both privately financed rental apartments and rental apartments under the Vienna Housing Initiative. Every apartment at the impressive Kennedy Garden will have 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms.

In the midst of six individually designed architectural components, there will be an extensive green garden area, representing the inspiration for the latter part of the development’s name. Kennedy Garden promises to provide both young and old residents an inviting haven of peace and abundant tranquility that will be a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the urban Viennese life surrounding it.

Further to this, Kennedy Garden was awarded a Greenpass certificate (silver) in late 2020 for its conception and continuous efforts to adapt to the challenges presented by climate change. The Greenpass award certifies that recognized buildings, neighborhoods and open areas are climate resilient and sustainable. Kennedy Garden will use energy-efficient heat sources and it will have urban gardening areas, electric charging stations (including retrofitting options for further expansion) and extensive bicycle parking spaces.

Construction of Kennedy Garden began in 2020 and is on track to be completed in December 2022. No further units are available as the maximum number of registrations has already been reached – an indication of the excellent reputation that BUWOG enjoys among the local population.

The second project awarded is Inside XIX. Inside XIX is the perfect mix of traditional architectural heritage and a contemporary approach to city living.

The development has two aspects to it. The front wing, which dates back to 1893, is being restored to the typical charm of classic old buildings that have large rooms, double doors, Viennese fittings and oak herringbone parquet flooring. In addition to the existing apartments being upgraded with several modern amenities, 15 new apartments are being built.

The adjacent rear wing will comprise 101 apartments; these are currently under construction and will boast high ceilings and spacious living areas too. It is anticipated that Inside XIX will be ready for occupation from October 2022.

Through Inside XIX, BUWOG aims to provide attractive urban residences that alleviate the demand for living options in sought-after locales of the Austrian capital, such as Gatterburggasse 12. The development is conveniently located in close proximity to convenience and specialty stores and to transportation connections. Several units are still available at, with prices ranging from EUR 455,000 to EUR 1,773,455 for apartments sized 53 sqm to 180 sqm.

Images provided courtesy of BUWOG


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