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The Hive collection, a modular seating design has been designed to enable people to gather, share and chat – inspired by the honeycomb effect of hexagonal cells found in beehives .....

The interconnecting seat ‘cells’ allows for highly sociable configurations from the three frame sizes; Hive One, Hive Loveseat & Hive Triple Seat.

Designed by Fabrice Berrux, this exciting collection is an experimentation of colours and designs. No more boring rectangular tables and soft hued colours, but instead a variety of hexagon shapes that mix and match in the form of tables and chairs, poufs and cushions.

A modular collection, HIVE ensures each piece of furniture from armchair to sofa, stool, loveseat, table and half table, are made in the shape of a cell allowing for various compositions. The “Confident”, the “Conversation”, or the “Indiscrete” are some of the possible ambiance combinations from this range all of which facilitate conversation and contact between people.

Designed with comfort in mind not purely to be desired and shown off but to be used and enjoyed. The elegant and refined aluminium structures, the signature of EGO Paris, allows for large and comfortable cushions. EGO Paris knows how to give shape to Batyline® canvas by Serge Ferrari which provides backs that are like “a protective screen, yet still open to the surrounding environment,” says Fabrice Berrux.

The cushions not only add a touch of style but are also a source of comfort making the Hive collection even more lively and adaptable. To make each furniture piece unique, the Hive collection benefits from EGO Paris’s large range of finishes, plus a selection of the famous Missoni Home® fabrics.

The Hive collection truly is a hive where people can gather, share and chat all together. Smart, with a real graphic design, the Hive collection is an invitation for conviviality outdoors.

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