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Summer may be in full swing, but lurking just around the corner is autumn and Halloween preparing us for the build up to winter & Christmas..

A cosy fireside still life,  a fresh celebration of nature, or something a bit naughty and surreal. How will you add individuality to your interior this autumn?

By collaborating with established artists, The Monkey Puzzle Tree creates uniquely beautiful fabrics and wallpapers, bringing individuality to beautiful interiors. 

Founded by Charlotte Raffo in 2017 after she realised that many incredibly talented artists were struggling to make a living, The Monkey Puzzle Tree pays a generous royalty to support artists to continue with their original practice. All designs are created and manufactured in the North of England, within 150 miles of the Leeds studio, supporting traditional industry and ensuring that the fabrics, wallpapers and cushions are made to the highest environmental standards.

Each artist we work with has their own distinctive style which is reproduced using a range of innovative techniques, from the centuries-old to the cutting edge. 

Designs range from the vibrant and expressive, through to the dark, naughty, and the conceptual, suiting both contemporary and period interiors whilst avoiding the traditional and mundane.

Article provided courtesy of PressLoft

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