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Homeowners will no longer require the services of friends or family to water plants...

Going on holiday used to mean simply arranging annual leave from work and if you owned a pet booking them into a pet hotel or arranging a babysitter well now homeowners you can add another point to your checklist reserving a room for your plants at the plant hotel.... I kid you not!!

Situated in Battersea, London, Patch Plant Hotel is the world’s first hotel created especially for your beloved plants. This ‘5-star all-inclusive’ botanicals-only hotel offers green leafed residents treatment from a plant wellness team including a custom hydrations spa.

Catering for all types of luscious greenery, from sun-seeking plants to those who prefer a shady spot the hotel promises to keep your plants in tip-top condition.

To book one of the 100 rooms for your plant you'll need to head to hotels online reservation page where you can enter the arrival and departure date, plus how many plants (indoor or outdoor) you want to check-in. Once the booking has been confirmed, you'll be invited to drop off your precious cargo at the hotel in Battersea.

Bookings being taken until 5 September 2019.


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