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The Goliath Series limited to not just stunning yacht designs has released another Steve Kozloff design concept - PEGASUS

The Pegasus aircraft is unique in that it can takeoff and land both conventionally and

vertically offering a much wider range of destinations.

The Pegasus has very short field capability in conventional flight mode even with its high

wing loading. The 7,500 lbs of thrust developed from the two 132” propellers offer 1 g+

acceleration. This makes it possible to achieve flying speed within 5 seconds while only

using 400 ft. of runway. Also, landing rollout would be very short due to the full reversing propellers.

Vertical takeoff mode can be very practical in many scenarios. However, in some situations, such as dusty dirt fields, powered snow covered fields, and close proximity of light aircraft; would make vertical landing or takeoff impractical and not appreciated

Technical Spec:

Length 32.34 ft

Wingspan 33.3 ft

Wing area 118 sq ft

Sub-wing area 14.9 sq ft

Wing loading 50.8lbs/sq ft (main wing only)

Gross weight 6,000lbs

Empty weight 3,300lbs

Fuel 250 gal (1,710 lbs) (6.84 lbs / gal)

Seats 4

Engine pt6a67r 1,424 shp

Cruise 300 kts +

Range 1,200 nautical miles (at cruise with 45 min reseve)

Top speed Impractically fast

Rate of climb 4,000 + ft/ min

Endurance 4 hrs at cruise 50% torque 55 gph

Propeller diameter 132”

Propeller speeds 1,200 rpm cruise (maximum 1,500 rpm takeoff)

With its stunning looks the Pegasus lives up to its name as a mythical white stallion.

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