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The Goliath Series has released another Steve Kozloff expedition yacht design concept - The 117 meter Alexis

The 117 meter Alexis is a marriage between elegance and capability. She boasts a

massive owner’s suite at the stern with a private swimming pool. There is an additional

swimming pool at the bow of Alexis. Her two pools boast hard retractable covers so

draining is not required in rough conditions.

She features a huge open sky bar with two spas on the 6th level. The Alexis has many

private indoor and outdoor areas, boasting 3 master suites, and can carry 20 guests in full


The integrated aircraft hangar has 3000 ft², enough to store four small helicopters or 3

medium helicopters. The huge landing area permits safe aircraft operations during rough

conditions. The two large cranes can help load and off load special research equipment

easily. The Alexis also features heated handrails and heated doors to minimizes icing

problems. She also has four freefall lifeboats that can be deployed in the worst of conditions.

The Alexis’ cavernous garage can handle 2 submarines, multiple tenders, and other water

toys. She can take you to any port on earth nonstop without having to refuel and can be on

station for extended periods of time. Her ice class hull can break through moderate ice

conditions easily.

The Alexis is large enough to be configured for standard diesel-electric propulsion or

hybrid. This decision is at the owner's discretion.

The Alexis is luxurious beautiful and safe for any type of sea voyage.

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